Flash floods damage low-lying areas of Tripura

A heavy downpour triggered flash floods in low-lying areas of Tripura on Tuesday, leaving thousands of people marooned.


Road communications in capital Agartala has been cut off due to the deluge.


Many schools have postponed their scheduled examinations as students could not enter the flooded classes. Office goers are finding it difficult to go to their places of work as the roads are water logged.


"We have asked all students to return as the examinations have been postponed. I have not seen such flood occurring in last seven to eight years"' said Purnima Roy, Headmistress of a higher secondary school.


Tripura faced a drought-like situation just a few days ago, but the sudden flash flood has changed the scenario completely.


"We have experiencing less rain for the last few years in Tripura and I think the way in which we are felling trees is one of the prime cause for less rain. In the northeast region this year it has been noticed of scarcity of rainfall by 16 percent. But due to this sudden incessant rain we are now facing the flood and are in real problem" said Dhruba Saha, an office goer.


Makeshift relief camps have been set up for flood victims. The flood has also damaged standing crops and submerged vast areas of farmland.


At least 50,000 people are marooned in four districts, sources said. The situation may take a serious turn if the heavy downpour continues.


ANI / 28 July 2009